WE DELIVER… Profit, Growth, Efficiency and Sustainability!

We are specialized in business development & optimisation of operations for start-ups & growing companies!

We build up YOUR business… By saving you Time, Money and lots of Frustrations! We provide and show you how to use the right tools to focus on your Sales, your Marketing, your Ops and your Leadership skills.

You need ALL of them if you are to succeed!

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Focus 360

Countless companies can’t grow or are in financial struggle because they lack the know-how to focus on all aspects of their business! What we call the FULL 360!!!  It’s all about increasing your sales, your market share, your productivity, your profitability and your leadership.  Gain the knowledge to do it right the first time around to ensure that your company is profitable and will stick around for years!

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Our services


We will analyse your business with a 360 view, thus providing you with structured, tailored and profitable solutions. Results are born with ACTIONS so we give you a detailed execution plan, to get things done!

We are the FULL 360 business consulting team cumulating over 65 years of combined experience! As consultants we don’t work within your organization (not on your payroll!), and therefore are not influenced by it. If you present us with a problem, our solution is based on the information you give us and not personal bias… thus providing you with neutral advice!

You want a fresh set of eyes and specialized skills to ask for advice and work on strategies? Stop wasting time …! Call to set-up a meeting with your FULL 360 business consultants.


As business coaches, we help you move from where you are to where you want to be, and do so by solely focusing on your goals and providing you with the expertise to get there! After all, you’ll never really know what you’re capable of until there’s someone to push you outside your comfort zone.  There’s a common saying that goes, “nobody is smarter than all of us.” In other words, the collective power of many is far superior to the single power of one, which speaks volumes to the value a team of coaches can bring to your company.

Are you at a point where unproductivity has set into your business? Are you realizing that you can take your organisation only so far without the help of others? If a business coach is something you’ve thought about recently but aren’t quite sold on getting one yet… Call us now and you will know why WE should be your coaches!


Can you afford not to invest in training for yourself and/or your employees?  You already know the answer if you want a future for your company… The question is, who to choose to do it with? Why not choose experts that know business and have taught business and coached business owners and… have owned several businesses!  Yes… That’s our TEAM we have our material and we also customize and build your content!

Organisations that engage in employee development see their sales increase and profits double compared to companies that don’t engage at all. You want to set yourself apart and be the leader in your industry? Dedicated training and development fosters employee engagement, and engagement is critical to your company’s financial performance. Your employees are your biggest asset, and capitalizing in talent is vital to sustainable business growth and success. Can you afford not to invest in your company’s future?

We are always innovating and adding training subjects and content!  If we don’t have what you need… We are amazing at creating content!  So contact us to discuss your needs. Click here to check out the training content we have available now!

Where are you at?


You are thinking of starting a company and have no clue as to where to begin??? Or… you are a young company (under 5 years) founded by one or more entrepreneurs and need to gain the know-how to get to the growth level? By its nature, a start-up tends to be a “Mom & Pop”operation, with initial funding from the founders or their friends and families. So… you need to make money to get to the next level so that you can pay yourself and them back! Good news… That’s what we bring to the table and so much more! Want to find out how?Call us now


Only half of start-ups survive more than five years and only one-third make it to 10! Congratulations you are either a start-up that has been doing ok so far or… you made it past your five years and are ready to plan for the next level! What’s the next level for you? You need to create a growth strategy! As your business grows, different challenges and opportunities will demand different solutions - what worked for others might not be the best approach for you. All too often, avoidable mistakes turn what could have been a great business into a failure. If your business is to grow and thrive, you need to recognize and overcome the common pitfalls that will occur with your growth! Guess what…That’s what we are there for! Want THE best team to guide you through the right steps to take today, so that you avoid wasting your time, money and lots of frustration?Call us now


Restructuring usually occurs when: - You are facing financial pressure - You have failed to successfully launch a new product/service - You are at the stage where you need to reinvent your company to meet your client’s expectations because your product/service is no longer needed or popular - You are preparing for a sale, buyout, merger, change in overall goals or transfer to a relative. When a company restructures internally, the strategies, the operations, processes, departments and possibly its leadership may change. Where to start and how to do it is all part of a process! Not an easy decision and task…Being so close to the tree makes it so that you don’t necessarily see the full potential of the forest! What do you need to start? A team of experts that has the knowledge to guide and enable your business to become more profitable! We are those experts!Call us now

Buying/selling a company

Whether you are buying your first business or making an acquisition to expand your existing business, it is important to make the right choice. How much to pay for it and define its worth are all part of your homework before going ahead with your investment. It’s not just buying at a good price… It’s also a question of recognising a diamond in the rough and it’s full income potential! Thinking of selling your business? Avoid the common mistake of doing it too fast! A good selling plan takes minimum 5 years to put in place to be able to collect the full reward and value of all the resources and money you put into your company. Keep in mind that your organisation is all about the Full 360 and if all departments are on cue, the value of your company increases! Buying or selling the common denominator is… The true value of the company! Want to get the most out of your future and past investments? Find out how we can do it by contacting us today!Call us now

What expertise do you need?


A sales strategy is a concrete, step-by-step plan by an individual or a company to sell products or services for the purposes of generating and increasing revenues. It is the plan that enables you to successfully sell your products or service again and again. In other words, a sales strategy involves understanding your unique selling proposition, identifying your target market, developing your pitch, and identifying the best sales channels. Done right, a strategy gives you and your sales team a clear focus and allows you to seize opportunities like a well-oiled machine. Need our expertise? Need training? Email us and let’s help you get to the next level!

  • Sales forecast
  • Sales strategies
  • Sales team
  • Customer service
  • How to price a product/service
  • Everything related to selling is what we offer you!

Budgeting forces business owners and their managers to create a definite and detailed financial plan for the coming year. To construct a budget, managers have to establish financial objectives for the coming year and identify exactly what has to be done to accomplish these objectives. Budgeted financial statements and their supporting schedules provide clear destination points — the financial flight plan for a business. All departments should have budgets so that you know what revenues will be generated and what expenses are to be expected. Do you know where your income comes from and what type of expenses you have? Are you really making money or just numbers and the bottom line is very low… Once you are structured and understand what it takes to be in control of your corporate finances you will have what it takes to plan your growth! Call us to gain that knowledge and to plan your budgets!

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Assembling budgets (how to do it)
  • Measuring your profitability
  • Planning your growth
  • Everything related to income & expenses is what we can advise you with!


Marketing exists because… Every business needs new customers/clients and marketing is a proven way to get them. It helps grow sales and revenues. If you don’t have proper marketing, you can offer the best products in your target market, but no one would even hear of it! In order for your company to succeed and reach its goals and sales forecast, the best type of marketing will be to use mixed and different types of marketing. Marketing can be expensive if you don’t have a strategy!

So… will your business be successful or not – it all depends if you have done your homework properly before investing away! Don’t have the expertise and don’t really understand what you need to do? Contact us now and we will discuss where you are at!

  • Branding & Identity
  • Client profiling
  • Market share
  • U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • Competition analysis
  • Marketing budgets
  • Marketing strategies (push & pull)

What you need to know to do great marketing is what we offer to you!

Marketing partner:


Operations consists of… all the activities engaged in to converting materials into finished products or services, sell them to customers, and earn a profit. It’s collectively referred to as business operations. Your structure needs to be defined so that all your key employees and managers understand the systems, equipment, people, and processes required to make your organization function. Business operations vary according to business type, industry, size, and so on. Where are you at? Want to increase your Efficiency and Sustainability? Call us now to schedule a meeting! 

  • Assess and analyze your business operations to identify inefficiencies & improvements to implement
  • Identify and define the best processes to put in place
  • Human resources/staffing
  • Partnership to improve your offer and bring down costs
  • Equipment or technology required for optimal business operations
  • The latest concepts and to ensure that your business operations are optimal!


Leadership involves… the ability for you and your management team to formulate and communicate new strategic directions as well as communicating with and motivating employees to increase dedication to your organization’s goals. Good leaders are role models for the people they lead, supporting them and facilitating communications among them. In business, good leadership translates to long-term success with high morale and a high rate of employee retention. People look to leaders to guide them in their actions.

The leadership of effective and well trained leaders is paramount to providing an agreed upon goal for your company’s success! Do you or your management team master or have what it takes to be the BEST?  Email us now we have a little test that will confirm if you do! 

  • Self-Mastery: As a leader, we help you understand your strengths, your weaknesses, your blind spots, and to insure that daily events don’t trigger you to lose control and/or affect your self-confidence.
  • Sense-Making: Within your teams, we train you to continually scan for innovating ideas and to see the diamond in the rough.
  • Responsive Strategies: As an organization, we train you to adopt active and logical processes to respond quickly to any unforeseen changes.
About us

Why the name Focus 360?

Simple… To run a successful business, you need to consider and maintain all parts of your company; what we call the FULL 360! You can’t just FOCUS on one portion… doing so puts your organisation at a disadvantage.  To make it simple for leaders to not drop the ball, we have categorized the components of the FULL 360 under 4 groups…

Our dynamic business duo cumulates over 65 years of combined expertise and between themselves do cover the FULL 360! Thus, making them the ideal team members to hire to bring your company to the next level.

WE DELIVER… Profit, Growth, Efficiency and Sustainability

Want to know more about us? Check-out our bios!

Our Mission

Build up YOUR business… By saving you Time, Money and lots of Frustrations! We provide and show you how to use the right tools to focus on your Sales, your Marketing, your Ops and your Leadership skills! Our passion for business transferred into knowledge for companies!

Our Vision

THE Dynamic Business Duo that empowers organisations to gain the knowledge to run a successful and profitable business!

Our Values

Knowledge, Jocosity, Openness, Team

Bio’s of our Dynamic Duo!

Lyne Pelchat

Operations Optimization & Sales Strategist

A passionate, one-of-a-kind businesswoman, who is known to think outside the box. Recognized for her innovative approach in formulating a multifunctional diagnosis of business operations, Lyne plans and develops solutions that are adapted to each company. Over the years she has built several winning teams by putting forward one of her great strengths, which is to have the right eye and strategies to attract the best candidates while having the right approach for retention. She often says,'”By myself I can go far… with the RIGHT team there is no limit as to what we can achieve! » Established speaker and business coach she has worked in a variety of environments, from customer service to the development of new international markets; which is why her vision is worldly and her expertise is so exhaustive. Her journey has enabled her to create a variety of comprehensive tools and to propose methods that adapt to the needs of different types of businesses, helping to propel them towards guaranteeing success.  What’s her secret? Never stop being curious and open-minded about learning new things so you can surpass yourself, always be on the lookout for the latest innovations and techniques, and by continuously improving yourself in order to properly equip and advise your customers! The past serves as her guide and the future, her motivation!

Call Lyne

Marie-Claude Dubuc

Finance & Marketing Strategist

Marie-Claude Dubuc is a one-of-a-kind coach, specializing in product marketing and services. Her ability to wield a panoramic view of her assignment has enabled her to develop unrivaled expertise in finance, leadership and marketing. This great strength has enabled her to foresee the growth opportunities of multiple customers, and thus design winning strategies for them to attract the workforce required to meet their growth demands. She strongly believes that it is not just about attracting employees … We must identify the employee and skills profile we are looking for in order to achieve the objectives and to have the winning team in place to get there!

The financial aspect is crucial to the success of any firm, which is why she puts her expertise in financial management at the disposal of company administrators, an asset to all the organizations with which she has worked. Thanks to Rapport Leadership International, from which she holds a master’s degree, she has acquired pragmatic management tools and techniques. Thus, her toolbox has been considerably enriched, enabling her to help company leaders and execs take ownership of their own power as well as their ability to mobilize themselves towards the achievement of their own vision. She values the transfer of knowledge as much as the quest for it, while still being true to her own values as well as to the essence of the companies with which she works!

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